5 Best LED TVs in India 2013

It is certain that LED Technology is on the verge of taking over all our screens. There is been an exponential growth in the number of LED screens used in Televisions, Smartphones, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets and soon even Smart-Watches. Clearly this technology is the thing of the future and will soon conquer every Indian household.

Here is why it is advisable to buy an LED TV instead of a standard LCD or TFT Screen. LEDs allow manufacturers to create TVs that are as slim as they can be, this often results in great design. The TV is powered by Light Emitting Diodes, which are ‘super eco-friendly’ and run on a minimum amount of electricity. This technology is far more advanced that any other, the brightness, colors and overall picture quality is unmatched.

There are lots of ‘bogus’ sub-standard LED TVs being sold in India today. Here we are to help you make your decision. We present the 5 Best LED TVs in India along with their respective prices. This review will help you get started, although we do recommend to demo each TV at your nearest electronics showroom.


Sony Bravia KDL-65” 3D LED TV

best led tvs in india

Price – Rs. 3,49,000/-

All of its predecessors in the Bravia series have been super-hits in India. These TVs have been designed, developed, manufactured and sold by Sony Corporation, who have their head-quarters in Tokyo, Japan. The full form of BRAVIA is Best Resolution Audio Visual Integration Architecture.

Sony surprisingly managed to surpass their expectations and maintain their high standards, as seen throughout their BRAVIA series. If you have a big enough budget to buy this TV, don’t even bother to snoop around and check other manufacturers.

Key features

  • Brilliant 65 inch LED, with Full HD – 3D technology and glasses.
  • Sony are the pioneers of Intelligent Peak LED Technology, which ensures the best color display.
  • This is the smoothest TV yet and is powered by Motion Flow XR-800.
  • Needless to mention, this technology ensures the best picture quality possible for any Television.
  • This product is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing users to browse the internet and even stream via YouTube.
  • A user-friendly Web Browser is integrated with the TV, which makes it like your desktop computer.
  • Another version of this TV is available. It features a ridiculously huge 84 inch screen.
  • Overall – If your budget allows, go ahead, this is the most awesome LED TV available today.


Samsung UA-46” Series 8 Smart 3D LED TV

samsung led tv india

Price – Rs.1,30,000/-

Samsung is a South Korean Multinational Corporation and now an electronics making giant. With recent success of it range of android smartphones such as the Galaxy S4 and Note 2, the company has swiftly gained popularity in the Indian market. It is the world’s largest smartphone vendor since 2011.

Here is another fact, the company has also been the World’s largest television manufacturer since the year 2006, for eight consecutive years. Samsung launched its first 3D LED TV in March 2010 and has grown from strength to strength. This TV is their latest production and is solid value for your money.

Key features

  • Super-Slim 46inch – Full HD with integrated 3D Technology.
  • The design is brilliant, with a silver-metal matte finish.
  • Fun features – Built-in Camera, Face recognition and Motion Sensors.
  • Samsung has its own set of apps that can be purchased to use with this TV.
  • For those lazy coach potatoes this a dream come true, with voice and motion control.
  • The 800 Clear Motion Rate, ensures the smoothest possible watching experience.
  • This product promotes the use of social networking sites and Skype, as it is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Overall – This is the best LED TV, that Samsung has put out. High Value for your money.


LG 55”-LM-6700

lg led tv india

Price – Rs.1,74,000/-

LG Electronics like Samsung is another well known, major South Korean multinational electronics company with its headquarters in Seoul. LG was the first company to introduce the Internet TV in the year 2007, which led to a whole new breed of Smart TVs. This is the latest installment in their ‘Smart’ Series.

The LM6700 makes our list due to its compact design and outstanding specifications.

Key features

  • This is a slim 55 inch, Energy Saving – LED plus 3D TV.
  • The design is incredibly includes a border-less frame with a bright silver back.
  • Fun features – 2D to 3D Conversion, Enhanced 3D technology and eye wear.
  • The 3D Depth control allows users to control the Level of Thrill or comfort.
  • Like Samsung, LG too has its own set of apps to purchase browse and download.
  • The inbuilt Wi-Fi allows you to browse the internet just like in your other devices.
  • Overall – This product makes our list thanks to its outstanding design features.


Sony Bravia KDL-46” 3D LED TV

sony kd led tv india

Price – Rs.1,19,000/-

Consider this to be the Sony Bravia KDL-65s younger brother. For those with a slightly lower budget this is the next best Sony 3D LED TV available in India.

Key features

  • This is a ‘not as slim’ 46 inch Bright 3D LED TV.
  • Unlike its older brother, the design is not as impressive and attractive.
  • Like all BRAVIAs Sony delivers with exceptional 3D and LED Technology.
  • Like its older brother, the picture quality and vibrancy in colors are spectacular.
  • Fun features – This one features a friendly user interface, which allows for direct USB play.
  • It also features a SONY entertainment, which includes several social networking platforms built in.
  • Overall – For a lower budget, this is the next best buy when compared to the Bravia KDL-65”.


Panasonic Viera TH-L55” 3D LED TV

panasonic led tv india

Price – Rs.1,14,000/-

This list could not be complete with a good old Panasonic TV. The Panasonic Corporation which is set up in Osaka, Japan was previously known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. Surely the name ‘Panasonic’ is familiar to every Indian buyer. This product makes our list, mainly due to its value for money. The LG Smart 55 inch 3D LED TV is Rs.1,74,000 which makes this Rs.60,000 less expensive.

Key features

  • This is again a ‘not-so-slim’ 55 inch LED Smart 3D TV.
  • Unlike the other LED TVs out today, the design here is not so impressive.
  • The borders are comparatively chunkier and the stand looks a tad outdated.
  • This TV does include Energy Saving Functions and Eco Navigation.
  • Like the others it includes built in Wi-Fi with Viera’s own little app store.
  • This is an outdated TV and Panasonic has stated that it will release a new version shortly.
  • Overall – This TV is solid value for money. Definitely better than buying a LCD TV.


  • Reply June 5, 2013

    Gunit Rekhi

    Sony has the best display technology. It’s wise to just go for a Bravia blind-folded.

    • Reply June 5, 2013

      Vir Karamchandani

      I think LG and Samsung are doing a pretty good job also. Their 3D TVs are really impressive.

  • Reply August 29, 2013


    Hi I want to buy 32 inch LED TV, I don’t

    need 3D or smart tv as i am seeing it as

    useless for my mom dad . after sales

    service is preferable. value for money is

    desired. budget is 30k around.

    and i want to use my laptop with it

    please suggest reliable tv for gujarat

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